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The works at this time are the Spence and Nameless books/anthology and the Charlieverse short stories about Charlie the hero black cat, and other tales from that universe.

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Charlie – Beginning of the Charlieverse.

The first real non-Spence scrivens.

From a random thought about a can of tuna falling on your head, to a story about a black cat who was a big damn hero.

Counting ‘Charlie’, there are currently 4 short stories.

I’d love to be able to release a Charlieverse collection, but much more needs to be written. 🙂

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A Charlie Prequel video (WIP)

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‘Gleeno – A Charlie Tail’ (Charlieverse 2).

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‘What The Cat Dragged In’ (Charlieverse 3) .

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‘A Friend For Tea – A Charlie Tail’ – (Charlieverse 4).

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THANKS!!! Please check out her Red Darkling stories. In addition to being great science fiction adventure, there is a robot cat named Bonk. I think Spence and Bonk would get on famously.
Red Darkling – https://a.co/d/5xYfPPO
Bonkpocalypse: A Red Darkling Jam – https://a.co/d/iU7OzQ3



About Spence and Nameless

Nameless is just a fella who values his solitude. His only companion is a big ol’ orange and white tabby cat named Spence. They are just livin’ the life, out in their shack outside town, ‘Close enough so it ain’t so bad to get supplies, and far enough out soz no one bothers much, and the sky is open at night.’ Until one day, when Spence disappears … and things get really fecked up.

Whatever you do, never get between a man and his cat.

Spence and Nameless started out as a standalone short story that I wrote in about 3 hours one night when I didn’t feel well, and got up to sit in my comfy chair, and browse the Interwebs on my phone, as one does.

Shortly after I sat down, my boss-lady cat Taz set her not-insignificant self in my lap, and started purring. One thing led to another, and Spence, now Chapter 1 of Book 1, was done.

I shared it on on Facebook. People seemed to like it! The only thing was that they kept asking me ‘What happens next, Daev?’, and I didn’t have an answer.

Soooo … I started working on more. Got up to 4 chapters, and realized that I had the makings of a book.

If you facebook, please see https://www.facebook.com/spenceandnameless

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I am lucky enough to be a part of the Writers, Poets, and Deviants collective ( https://wpad.weebly.com ) and have some things in some of the WPaD anthologies.

Deviant Shadows: Tales of the ParAbnormal
Short story ‘Charlie’ (the first of the Charlieverse stories)

Furry Tales: (And Feathers & Scales)
Two stories:
‘Gleeno – A Charlie Tail’ – Charlieverse 2
‘Rattler ‘ – A Spence short story (from Spencethology)

‘What The Cat Dragged In’ – a third Charlieverse story, which will be in an upcoming WPaD anthology, ‘The Tinfoil Tribune’




Book 1: Spence https://a.co/d/fqVjPCA

Never get between a man and his cat.

Book 2: El Tigre – Second Edition – Cuz Zombie Math https://a.co/d/6dqWGts

Whatever you do, never get between a cat and his Girl.

Book 3: Golem https://a.co/d/d0uCPUn

Whatever you do, never get between a cat and his familia.

Book 4: Puppets https://a.co/d/ccieitV

Whatever you do, never get between a Goddess and Her flock.

Book 5: Spencethology https://a.co/d/bKnaQj8

All the Spence (1-4) and assorted new short stories.

NOTE: only Spencethology (Book 5) will be available signed. The others are all available at Amazone.


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Teh Razrgrrlz, who grace the back covers of the first 5 Spence books. Now over the Rainbow Bridge, espyin’ birds, lazin’ in the sun, and chillin’ until we meet again.